Welcome to Sea-Freight web pages ! Our Sea-Freight services include stuffing and un-stuffing of containers, we are able to handle your cargo, no matter what the shape of size is. This Cargo may come in loose or packed, palletized or un-palletized form, we will take care for your cargo at the moment it is in our hands. Let us be your 1st choice to give you the best idea by giving options to chose the services of your choice according to your calculations, in order to achive your targets in your Sea-Freight exports and improts worldwide.
 Types of jobs we are handling in Sea Freight:
» Full container load
» LCL –  Less than container load
» FR   –   Flat Racks
» OT  –  Open Tops
» Refrigerated Containers
» Break Bulk
» Sea / Air
» Air  / Sea
» Ship Chartering
» Sea Freight Projects
» Blood Stock (live Animals)
  In Sea-Freigth (operations) we are giving following services from a long time:-
» Empty container pickup and placement in warehouses
» Stuffing of cargo
» Packing and Documentation
» Local Haulage up to the Sea Ports
» Customs entry / Customs Clearance
» P.O handling / Supply Chain Management
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IATA, FIATA, PIFFA, ACAAP, CCI, ABF- American Business Forum, PGBF- Pak-German Business Forum, ISO 9001:2008 (UKAS), IRCA- UK Certified Lead Auditors, Quality Assurance Auditors, Licensed Ship-Chartering & Ship-Handling, Licensed Countrywide CHA

Maersk 1st ship 1886

Maresk Line 1st Vessel 1886

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