Introducing Afghanistan Transit Trade via Gateway Karachi port ( Pakistan) as an advantage of the shortest route to this inland country.   The Transit-trade route via Europe/Russia to Afghanistan  is very long, expensive, and time taking and it is not feasible for the cargo/goods arriving by sea as booking of Destination in any cities of Afghanistan, it is only feasible for the cargo/goods shipped originally from neighboring countries at upper side of Afghanistan or next to the country having access by land to Afghanistan.   Would like to state that the 85% of cargo destined for Afghanistan passes through Pakistan i.e. Peshawar/Torkhum route or Chamman/Kandahar route on daily basis, and as an average of large number of trucks/trailers cross each day at these border locations, and these traditional routes has been in use for centuries between the two countries, because this most economical, viable, access able and shorter routes to main cities of Afghanistan.
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There are wrong information with misconceptions, misinformation surfacing in International media, if you want to know the real idea on this Trade, please send message to we will arrange to give you a proper idea in this area and hope that  explanation will be able to clear any doubts,  for more details and clearance of doubts etc. please visit Karachi ports web sites, these are the two major Karachi Ports (Pakistan) handling major parts of Afghanistan trade  i.e. &   you can find a clear idea on Afghan Transit movements with the daily cargo activities of import/export moving through these ports to/from Afghanistan cargo.
Visit at and click on customs window and than click on imports general manifest and finally click on vessel names that will show the particulars of local cargo and also cargo destined for Afghanistan.
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